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Adventure Menu supplies challenge

1. 6. - 30.6. 2022

Hello, adventurer. The summer season is right around the corner! Take advantage of the beautiful weather to discover new places and explore nature.

To start off the season, we’ve prepared a challenge for you where you can win Adventure Menu supplies and other rewards. Come and join us!



  • Jan Kotalík

  • Miroslav Zámečník

  • Hana Matoušová + MUDr. Miloš Matouš 

June adventurer with the most exp:

Asset 26_4x.png

Jan Měchura



Challenge goal: Complete at least 5 trails with the Adventurer app


Conditions and how to participate: 

  1. The trails must be in the Adventurer app

  2. The trails must be completed with the recording feature turned on (don’t forget to save your performance)

  3. Only completed trails for which experience points are awarded are valid

  4. After attaining the minimum number of completed trails, you must send a message to with the subject "Completed - Your name in the app" (e.g. Completed - John Doe) for checking the results

  5. Only trails completed within the duration of the challenge are valid

  6. To find out how to use the recording feature or how to gain experience points from our trails, check out the FAQ section on our website.


Duration: 1. 6. 2022 - 30. 6. 2022

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If you’re not an Adventurer Club member and successfully complete the challenge, you’ll get a 14-days membership with access to premium features.

After the challenge is over, we’ll randomly pick 3 adventurers who will receive Adventure Menu supplies of their choosing (10 meals) for the summer season along with silver fiber Adventurer socks for hiking.

Special reward - we’ll also pick the best adventurer who managed to get the most experience points during the challenge. This endurant hiker will receive complete cooking set from Adventure Menu, including supplies, a functional Adventurer T-shirt, and the June Adventurer Award. Could this be you? Check out the others climbing the leaderboard.

Asset 26_4x.png


Tvar 5.png
Tvar 5.png
Tvar 5.png

          Challenge results - will be announced on 6 July, 2022 on our social networks and in the Adventurer app. Winners will be contacted via their email addresses, and their Adventurer Club memberships will be activated by 10 July, 2022.

Asset 32.png

         Functional T-shirt Adenturer

Tvar 7.png

T-shirt for every adventure!

         What is Adventure Menu?

Tvar 7.png

Adventure Menu is 100% natural and tasty food to take with you on hikes. It’s prepared using traditional recipes and quality ingredients.
ADM meals have high nutritional values, are easy to prepare, and take up less space in your backpack!

Now quit standing around, adventurer. Just turn the app on and get out there! We wish you the best of luck!

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