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Adventurer Club

Be in control of your adventures and become a club member!

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Offline map access

Map layouts - from weather to wind speed

Premium map access - swiss ski, outdoor, and more

Up to 30 % discount on partner products

- ADM, HUSKY, SkinnersTravelight, vnaran a Svět plodů

Access to alternative routes

No ads

Support the project - thanks to you, we can keep

making new trails for all adventurers and travelers

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Keep yourself informed under any circumstances


No mobile data or Wi-Fi?
We've got you covered

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Download a map of the trail and use the app offline without the need for mobile data or Wi-Fi signal

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vrstevnice fullhd (1).png
vrstevnice fullhd (1).png

Optimize your travels to the max with map overlays

Keep up to date in real time about what awaits you on your journey. Thanks to map layers, you can keep track of the current weather, wind speed, cloudiness, air pressure, etc.

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Use whichever maps suit you best

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Look at the trail from a different perspective

Switch to a different map mode and explore the area in more detail. Have several map types at your disposal - from outdoor, terrain, or tourist to 3D bubble.

Hiker in the mountains
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vrstevnice fullhd (1).png

Discover different routes leading to your final destination

Reach your goal in different directions. Get access to various or less frequented routes leading to your destination

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Get discounts from our partners

Prepare properly for your next adventure by purchasing from Tavelight, Adventure Menu, and Svět plodů with a personal discount code going up to 15%. Enjoy the outdoors to the fullest!


Czech retailer of tested and approved ultralight equipment that will serve you well on your travels.


Travelight gear is suitable for all kinds of adventures and guarantees lightness, quality, and perfect compactness.

Travel through nature with lightness.

Adventure Menu

Enjoy every moment of any hunt for adventure.

Adventure Menu is 100% natural and delicious food for travelers. It's made from quality ingredients according to traditional recipes without using cheap substitutes.


ADM food has high nutritional values and can be easily prepared while also helping you conserve space in your bag!

Svět plodů

Ingredients must look, smell, and taste fantastic!

Svět plodů is a Czech retailer of premium quality nuts and genuine sun-dried fruit.

As we all know, nuts and fruits are the best kinds of snacks to get some of that extra energy when adventuring!


Go light. Stay protected.

Up for a hike? Let your feet experience the terrain in a completely new way. Slip into Skinners (ultraportable footwear) and relax walking in nature. Your feet stay clean, dry, and protected. Also excellent choice as secondary shoes for hikes (after a long walk, in the hut, around the campsite, crossing water streams, etc.).

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Quality Czech manufacturer with a long tradition. For 21 years they have been developing outdoor equipment and clothing for all weather conditions together with specialists and professional travelers.


You can count on their products not to disappoint you even on the most demanding expeditions.


Take your time back into your hands.

Enjoy complete freedom with the roof tents of the Nordic brand Søvnaran. Turn your car into a comfortable camping car in no time! Enjoy your freedom in style and with maximum comfort.

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Gain preferential access to all new trails

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Enjoy the app without ads

Don't let the banner ads disturb you, and use the app without interruptions.

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Support the project

Your membership supports the project allowing us to create more trails and unique adventures.

Become an Adventurer Club member and get special features to use on your future adventures

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