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Adventurer Ambassadors

Travelers and adventurers celebrated by the Adventurer app who aid us in improving it. Let us introduce enjoyers of mountaineering and outdoor activities that you may also follow on their travels in the app.

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Lucie Kutrová

  • Instagram - Bílý kruh

Traveler, "writer", husky mom

Lucie Kutrová is an adventurer through and through. She travels the world to fulfill her bucket list wishes. This allowed her to learn English, work abroad, go to Australia, run a half marathon, and go parachuting. She walked the Way of St. James all by herself and climbed to the top of Mont Blanc, but what played a key role in her life was her completing the Pacific Crest Trail (4,260 km). She had two books published - one detailing her journey on the PCT, the other her travels across European trails.

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Tereza Číhalová

  • Instagram - Bílý kruh

Traveler, adventurer, athlete

Tereza Číhalová is a mountaineer with every fiber of her being and spends every free moment in nature. With hiking boots in summer and skis in winter, she searches for places where the world seems to be in the palm of her hand. She's walked several long treks (Gokyo Ri - Three Passes Trek, GR 54, Haute Route, Stubai High Trail...), she's a "collector" of Alpine four-thousanders and any other peaks that present a new challenge and more experiences. She likes stepping out of her comfort zone and overcoming herself because only then does she feel truly alive. As a PE teacher and trainer, movement comes as a natural part of her daily life.

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