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A freezing ascent to Snezka


The end of the year is coming and what better way to end it than with an epic adventure! Will you have the courage to conquer Sněžka in Wim Hof ​​style with the Adventurer app team, and will you reach the top only in shorts? It will be an incredibly intense experience that you definitely won't forget.



Challenge goal:  Conquer Snezka in tough style and wish each other a happy new year :)


  1. This is a freezing challenge and your outfit must be adapted to it.
    How to dress and what is allowed:

    • Shorts and underwear (women + sports bra)​

    • Boots and warm socks

    • Warm hat, gloves and neck warmer (it is important to keep the limbs warm)

    • Bring a backpack with snacks and drinks

    • Pack some warm clothes in your backpack to put on at the top after you've finished the challenge or in case of an emergency

  2. For the entire challenge duration (from Pec pod Snezkou - to the top of Snezka), you are dressed lightly (point 1.)

Warning:  Each participant goes at his own risk and responsibility. Consider your participation well in advance. In case you feel you've had enough, there's no shame in dressing up and walking to the top dressed up.

Date: 30/12/2022, meeting at 7:00 (we leave at 7:30 at the latest)

  • We recommend you to arrive a day earlier and sleepover somewhere nearby

Where: Parking lot P3 - Pec pod Snezkou 187, 542 21 Pec pod Snezkou

Asset 26_4x.png

Event schedule:

  • We will meet at the given address, where we will get to know each other and prepare for the hike.

  • We will probably have an adventure talk prepared for you, so be ready :D

  • At 7:30 a.m. we set off with the raised Adventurer flag towards Sněžka. The hike will take about 3 hours, and the way down about another 3-4 hours

    • At the top, we will take a photo together and wish each other a happy new year

    • On the way back, it is possible to refresh and warm up in a local pub below the summit

Mrazivý výstup na Sněžku.png

Together we can also gain 130 experience points for conquering Snezka

Asset 32.png


Be sure to prepare for the challenge. The more you get ready, the more comfortable it will be for you.

  • Before going out and being exposed to the cold outside, take a deep breath session for a few minutes

  • Try walking lightly dressed in your neighborhood (at least for 1 hour)

  • Take cold showers every morning :)

The most important thing is to enjoy the whole event and have a unique experience!

Big adventures can be lived even on small trips, so don't wait any longer and go out with the Adventurer app. We wish you the best of luck!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

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