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Overcome yourself and experience unforgettable moments. We will regularly prepare challenges for you that will test your adventurous spirit :), bring you a lot of experiences and you are guaranteed to have fun. 

Conquer mountain peaks, gain experience points, discover new places, go to areas you haven't been before.

You can win something in every challenge - rewards from our partners, membership in the Adventurer Club, a better position in the app ranking among adventurers, but also new friends and memories.

So up for the adventure!

Freezing ascent to Sněžka

30. 12. 2022

The end of the year is coming and what better way to end it than with an epic adventure! Will you have the courage to conquer Sněžka in Wim Hof ​​style with the Adventurer app team, and will you reach the top only in shorts? It will be an incredibly intense experience that you definitely won't forget.

HUSKY - web.png

HUSKY challenge

October - November 2022

Earn at least 250 experience points with the Adventurer app and get a chance to win a HUSKY outfit and other valuable prizes.

Everyone can win! A special prize is also prepared for the best adventurer. 

Big adventures can be lived even on small trips, so don't wait any longer and go out with the Adventurer app.

Skinners footwear challenge

July - August 2022

Take a picture while completing a trail from Adventurer app in the period 15. 7. - 15. 8. 2022 and get prizes from Skinners and us.

Everyone can win! The best experiences cost nothing, so don´t wait any longer and go on an adventure with the Adventurer app.

detail-4in1(1)_optimized (1).png

Adventure Menu challenge

June 2022

Complete at least 5 hikes during June with the Adventurer app and get prizes from the Adventure Menu and us.

Everyone can win! A special prize is also prepared for the best adventurer.

Awake your inner adventurer and get out with the Adventurer app

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