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Skinners footwear challenge

15.7. - 15.8.2022

Hello adventurer, summer is in full swing, so it's time for another challenge! Share your best travel moments with us and win Skinners Sock Shoes and other rewards.



  • Petr Brüx 

  • Jan Měchura

  • Luboš Arazim



Challenge goal: Take a picture while completing a trail from the Adventurer app

Conditions and how to participate:

  1. Complete a trail from the Adventurer app in period 15.7. - 15.8.2022 (don’t forget to save your performance)

  2. Pick up anything that can take pictures, choose an angle and press the shutter button

  3. Upload a photo from the trail to your Instagram as a post, add the hashtag #probudvsobedobrodruha, and tag profile

  4. Don´t forget to mention which trail it is in the photo

  5. The more photos you share, the greater your chance of winning (only 1 photo per 1 trail)

During the challenge, we will carefully look at all profiles and share your posts as motivation and inspiration to other adventurers. You can take a picture of yourself, views from the mountains tops, a majestic waterfall, or a meeting with one of the representatives of the local wildlife. It is up to you which interesting place or unique moment you decide to share with us.

By participating in the challenge, you give us permission to use the competition photos.

Date: 15.7.2022 - 15.8.2022

Asset 26_4x.png
Tvar 5.png
Tvar 5.png
Tvar 5.png
Tvar 5.png

1st place: Skinners 2.0, functional T-shirt Adventurer

2nd place: A voucher for 1000 CZK for a purchase at the Skinners e-shop, tin mug with the Adventurer logo

3rd place: A voucher for 500 CZK purchase at the Skinners e-shop, Adventurer socks


If you’re not an Adventurer Club member and successfully complete the challenge, you’ll get a 14-days membership with access to premium features.


Asset 32.png

Challenge results

After the challenge is over, we will randomly pick 3 adventurers. The announcement will take place on 16th August 2022 on our social networks and in the Adventurer app. Winners will be contacted by personal message via Instagram. 

Tvar 7.png

What is Skinners?

Skinners is a Czech company that produces unique socks that allow you to experience a completely new feeling of walking. Combining the comfort of socks with the protection of classic shoes, these ultra-light shoes are used for natural movement without restrictions. Thanks to their compactness, durability and functionality, the socks are an ideal companion for trips, sports, or just as easy-to-put-on camping shoes.

The best experiences cost nothing, so don't wait any longer and go on an adventure! We wish you the best of luck!

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