Bring out your inner adventurer with the Adventurer app

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Get inspired by hundreds of hikes and trips to nature with all the necessary info at your disposal.

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Optimize your adventures to the max.

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Stay informed about water sources, shelters, and other nearby places to spend the night.

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Gain experience

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Gain experience points for reaching the goals of your hikes and trips.

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Your Adventurer profile

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Become a part of our community and join the Adventurer club

Keep up to date offline

Become an Adventurer Club member and gain access to offline maps.
Membership grants access to many advantages and premium features.

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Who is our app for?


Families with children

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Adventure enthusiasts

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Experienced adventurers




Who are we?

Welcome to our world. We are a group of traveling and adventure enthusiasts who decided to create a project to help others discover the world of adventuring. We want to give you an opportunity to live through moments that you will forever cherish. We believe that what we experience in life is much more meaningful than the things we own. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a beginner, our app is suitable for all categories and allows you to plan and experience authentic moments outside of regular life.

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